Vero Beach, FL - Maternity Session

I am in the stage of life where I feel as if all my friends are somewhere between marriage and babies. I am absolutely loving it. There was one random night, like a week ago…where I was on the verge of falling asleep and thinking about everything under the sun at the same time. This particular night I happened to be thinking about this ‘marriage and babies’ stage in my life - being in my mid 20’s, and celebrating some of the most life-altering times with friends. Because if you think about, time goes by way too fast and this ‘stage’ will never repeat itself. Anybody else scared by that?!

All that to say that I absolutely love seeing friends start their own families. I love their cute baby bump posts on Insta and the bomb gender reveal parties. This blog post is going to be featuring one of those sweet couple friends, Kyle and Nicole. Nicole is the definition of the most beautiful pregnant soon-to-be mom ever. She defines the ‘glowing pregnant woman’ phrase. You’ll see. Here’s to the Yencho fam, soon to be 3!