Yes, I'm overthinking this, but I'm going to brag...

I truly never thought that Marc and I would move across states and take such a leap of faith like we did. A couple months before we moved from Florida to Virginia I had made it up in my mind that we were all talk. That we definitely wanted to experience something new, but also liked the ‘safe mindset’ of having everything we needed close to where we both had grown up. I didn’t really think we would ever pull the trigger.

Fast forward to four months later, (I will definitely make a longer post about this), but we have grown more than I think we ever have before in our relationship. Sure, there are definitely some hard times, but when isn’t there when you are doing something brand new.

I just want to say, simply this, that I am so proud of us. And I really usually would never say that online, because I hate the idea that someone would take that the wrong way, and think that I am full of myself…can you tell that I naturally overthink?! But you know what…I am bragging. I am bragging on God constantly providing for us, I am bragging on Marc for being ‘home’ in every sense of the word, and I am bragging on myself...because I took a jump into unknown.